Bumvertising™ would like to welcome and thank its newest advertiser, StrategicDomination.com. Strategic Domination™ has hired Bumvertising™ to utilize sign holding vagrants from around the world, in an international Bumvertising™ campaign of unseen proportions.
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Episode 3: The Sign Business is a Fine Business
The Bumvertising™ team talks to Navy Dave (aka Leprechaun) about the sign holding business.

Episode 2: Give Me a Sign
Bumvertising™ starts a new program this week to help bums replace their worn out begging signs.

Episode 1: Bumvertising™ Ride Along
Hit the pavement with Ben as he conducts his rounds hiring bums to hold ads.

Daily Show Feature
Watch this humorous take on Bumvertising™ featuring one of our previous advertisers.

Bumvertising™ Featured on The Gruen Transfer
The popular Australian TV program, The Gruen Transfer, is a prime time show that focuses on the advertising industry. Their opening segment in last week's episode was a discussion addressing practical products to promote using Bumvertising campaigns. In response to the show, several well known Australian marketing agencies have contacted us about hiring bums in the land down under. We are primarily familiar with the patterns and preferences of American vagrants, so if you know anything about Aussie swagmen that might help us out, let us know!
Bumvertising™ is the use of sign-holding vagrants to advertise. Homeless men and women are able to provide a valuable and tangible service to a company, while receiving an additional revenue stream in combination with their normal donations from begging.

Pam proudly holds her sign for passing motorists. Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome leaves her in constant pain.

Adopt a Bum
Not only is Bumvertising a great way for companies to advertise, it's also a great way to help the needy. Make a donation to a bum through our web site and let us know what you’d like us to buy with it. Then we’ll go out and find a hard working bum to give your donation to. You’ll receive pictures of your bum and his personal story of gratitude when he receives your gifts.
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Homeless People Advertising - Bumvertising™

Bumvertising™, or the use of sign holding vagrants to advertise, is a development of Front Door Enterprise, a specialty marketing firm.

Benjamin Rogovy, president and chief economist of Front Door Enterprises, developed this system after realizing the enormous potential in wasted homeless labor. Bums use a business model that takes advantage of high volume traffic, with the expectation that, on average, a certain number of people will donate to them in the form of cash, clothing, or food. Some people, by principle, will never give a homeless man money. Some will give food to them whenever they can. But what is the use of holding up a bum sign to 99% of car traffic that will only read but never donate to these vagrants? With such great exposure, Mr. Rogovy imagined that there had to be some value that was not being utilized. Many other companies, such as Strategy Game Network have also pledged to endorse this model.

Through his own effort and the assistance of his marketing team, Mr. Rogovy developed signs and accumulated the resources that most bums would find attractive. Money, sandwiches, chips, apples, water, and other beverages have all been dispensed in order to compensate the homeless in the Seattle Bumvertising™ campaign.

It is also Mr. Rogovy's belief that bums will incur higher revenues from donations after showing the initiative to seek out semi-legitimate employment. Many of the vagabonds of our Bumvertising campaigns remark that they are receiving more comments and questions than ever. "People are actually reading my signs!", remarked Robert, one of Bumvertising's most loyal derelicts. "I thought they just handed me a dollar but never read what I was saying."

Currently, the highest concentration of Bumvertisements are being placed at the on and off ramps of I-5 at the 45th and 50th street exits. Please learn more about some of the Bumvertising campaign's most important assets at the gallery.

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